Employee training is essential, but it can also be tedious, time-consuming, and provide marginal gains. Why sit through 40 hours when you can obtain the skills, knowledge, and abilities in 16 hours?


Our staff and training contributors analyze the training gaps in public safety today. We then structure training to provide the most useful information and practical methods to address these needs. All training is evidence-based and supported by current research.


Our experienced instructors are veterans of law enforcement with wide-ranging skills, vast expertise, and the supporting education to transfer the skills and knowledge you need in today's environment.


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Glen A. Haas is a 31-year veteran and retired Police Commander from So. California. He has extensive experience in training program development, use of force training, and adult teaching. He has held many positions within LE and has held adjunct faculty positions at three colleges.

He holds a Doctorate in Public Administration, undergrad & graduate degrees in Education, and is completing a second graduate degree in Strategic Communications. 

Dr. Glen A. Haas



Kathleen Rocha-Gil is a former law enforcement Training Manager and communications consultant with extensive experience working with POST training programs. She has worked as a dispatcher for law enforcement and fire, and has held positions as a communication training officer. 

Kathleen Rocha-Gil

Training Director


Carl Wolford is a retired Police Sergeant with 34 years in law enforcement. He has held positions as a field training officer, motor officer, traffic investigator, SWAT operator and sniper, homicide investigator, and traffic sergeant.

Carl holds a BS in Workforce Education and Development from Southern Illinois University.

Carl Wolford