The typical end-of-training evaluation provides little useable information to determine if the curriculum is effective in the field. These evaluations measure student satisfaction with the event and are conducted as participants are in a rush to leave. So, how do we know if the training actually made difference?

We conduct a web-based course survey/evaluation 60 days after the training is provided. This gives officers the opportunity to consider and use the techniques in the field. From this, we can determine if officers:


  1. Are able to recall and/or consider course principles and techniques in the scope of their professional duties.

  2. Have used principles and techniques from the course during actual incidents.

  3. Have had success in using the principles or techniques in actual incidents.

Additionally, by providing relevant examples of success using our principles and techniques, we can better understand learner needs.

The 60-day survey/evaluations are only provided to former students who have completed the course. Surveys are anonymous, but multiple submissions are identified and controlled. Students are rewarded with a small gift for completing the survey and to provide higher response rates; however, a separate process ensures anonymity is maintained. 

For current survey / evaluation results CLICK HERE